Disk Drill Media Recovery App Reviews

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Thanks for the update

Now works on mountain lion ! thanks

Do not purchase!

Simply put: it does not recover your files while other alternatives work. I purchased another recovery software after the failure of Disk Media Recovery and I was able to recover my deleted video files. I asked their Customer Support whether they could reimburse me and they are not replying to me. I think I just lost 35€. Please consider another alternative, there are many out there, don’t make the same mistake I made by purchasing this one thinking it’s legit just because it’s on the App Store. I’m on OSX Mavericks.

Doesn’t Work

Mac Mini running 10.10.2 Doesn’t see any drives appart from the internal one. All drives are mounted using USB 3, Thuderbolt. I was actually wanting a copy of Disk Drill pro. I made a mistake buying it through the App Store. It msilead me. Please reach out to me and help me get an up and running version or a refund. Cheers Leigh for Ring Ring Ring

Nice tool for recovering lost data

I like this tool for recovering lost hard drive file. It is great with Disk Drill Pro that I love

Didn’t work for me.

I tried to recover files deleted from a external HD. I had to by another HD to built another disk image file as recomended but it cound’t recover nothing. I lost my money and hours of work. Big fustrantion.

Nice tool!

Nice tool! The lost data are saved. Please fix the issue with additional download in the next update.

It does work, you just have to read the instructions!

I decided to rate this app (something I rarely do) because I was almost misled by the low (well, in my opinion) score on the App Store. I found that people were complaining mostly because the app couldn’t recover files from mounted drives but only from images. That is not totally true. If you click on the ‘Instructions’ button when you first launch the app, you will read that in order to immediately scan and recover your files from both the internal drive and mounted drives, you will need to install a very small helper app (around 600 KB) which is freely available on the website. Once you do that and relaunch the app, you’ll see all your drives visible within the app and can scan them. Thankfully, I kept on reading the reviews and found a helpful one that explained all this. All you have to do is read people! Five stars, especially since I got this app for 1.99 euros! Great deal!

Flawless Datarescue

I used this app to analyse and restore a 500GB drive of a laptop. A friend of mine accidently started system factory restore and lost all his data (mostly pics, videos, music). I used this app to recover all the data he lost. It worked pretty well and with 388GB data to restore, i guess it was fast too.

This App Rocks!

I downloaded it and was able to recover many files from my WD Passport that were deleted years ago and most ceartainly overwritten many times! This is a winner!


This app is awe-inspiring. I previously used the free photorec for several recovery sessions; each time it took me over an hour to recover the files I wanted. With Disk Drill, you simply tell it to scan your files, auto-search the deleted files for the one you want, and then press recover. It takes mere minutes! So much easier than recovering every single deleted file, as photorec does. Highly recommended software.

Worked really well for me

I deleted pictures on an external HFS+ drive after importing them to another application, only to realize an hour later the imported versions were corrupted. Trash had already been emptied and because the pictures were not clearly labelled, only numbered in sequence, I wasnt even sure what I was missing, only that it was important and gone. I downloaded this app, the first launch tutorial took less than a minute, there were several options allowing for either a quicker scan or for a more thorough one and the UI did a good job of guiding me to the appropriate option. The files were found quickly, the app let me choose were to save the recovered copies and the option of keeping the file structure intact or putting all the files in a single directory is a nice touch. Worked flawlessly. I did not test the support for multiple file system types, session saving or deep scan and obviously hope I will never need to! But I was very impressed by how easy this was and would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the developer(s). Great work. (Readers will have to excuse the nick name, it was chosen while reviewing an app much less reliable than this one.)

Saved (recovered) our bacon!

Purchased this app today after a mixup with my sons computer. We needed to recover a Word file he had been working on for 6 months, which I deleted by mistake a few days ago. We only discovered the problem today. In the meantime, the disk had seen a lot of use, including a defragmentation! The deep scan took a little under two hours, but found at least half a dozen versions of the file, including the most recent one. It also recovered some music files from a non-apple mp3 player I found in the street, even though the player used some bizarre filesystem. Thanks very much to the developer for an amazing application.

Didnt work….

I got this app to find some CRW files on CF card. The files are there as another app found all of them. I ran every option and scan type available multiple times and all it found was the preview jpegs the camera uses on its lcd screen after youve taken a shot. These image files are listed as supported files. I contacted the developer and gave them two weeks to find out what could be wrong after sending them some sample files. When I didnt get a reply I contacted them again and was told that these files are only supported on a Quick scan. Althought there was not mention of that anywhere. Some of the files are accessible by normal means but this app didnt find a single one. They were not overwritten nor were they damaged but it still didnt find any. While other reviewers seem to have had success my experience with this app has been a total failure and I will try to recover my cost through Apple. Then I will go back to using the other open source terminal app that actually found all my files. So while it didnt work for me your mileage may vary. Just to add, when I contacted support, I did get a reply in a timely manner, but they did not resolve my problem with this app and it also seemed that the rep wasnt aware of these common file types and after two weeks of waiting I didnt think they would respond anymore. Take your chances or try another app.

Saved deleted files

Great App! Great price!

Cant see my external drive

Doesnt seem to work on Mountain Lion and my external drive.

Very good, BUT

Great app, works well, but I would like to see FULL Mountain Lion support and that means you would need to integrate the app with Mountain Lions notification centre and remove Growl. Then Ill change it to 5 stars.

A waste of money!!!

It does even work in 10.8 Mountain Lion the OS I now use and I had no luck with it in 10.7 Lion either.

Not a waste of money

I have made that assumption as the reviewer below and even shot an email to CleverFiles with my dissapointement. The truth is DisK Drill works and seems to do a great job. One pointer though, after you download the program go to their website and download and install a patch. Apparently the problem lays with the App Store and not the Disk Drill. After accidentally formatting a drive with all my music on it (all Wave and AIFF files) I got most (if not all) of the 2T back. Thank you.

Useless under Mountain Lion

Doesnt work with internal or external disks under 10.8!! No explanation or work around on their website. Application simply blames it on the App Store and has the gaul to tell users to not leave negative comments on the app store. Emailing support gives you a link which further blames the app store and explains how they punish users who bought through the app store "Also, we officially assert that we won’t keep Disk Drill Media Recovery [version of product available through app store] updated with the same frequency as Disk Drill PRO or Basic available at our website." Then go on to say that you can send them more money if you want to get a product that works. Why is this product for sale on the App Store? Should be removed.



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